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Cooling and Air-Conditioning

Cooling and Air-Conditioning

Cooling and Air-Conditioning Intro

Design and  select  the materials, supply and installation the central air- condition (Chillers)  , central  heating systems (boilers)  , cooling towers, AHU, cold storage and frozen chambers, thermal monitoring devices and protection  for electrical  equipment  , preparation of assessment studies of existing piping and ducting works.

Supplying, maintaining and installing commercial DX type of cooling and air conditioning units.

Implementing designing and executing works of installing ducts works, Steam piping, exhaust fans and its accessories.

Supplying, configuring and installation HVAC, medical and Industrial Honeywell control systems to control the economizers and the three way valves.

Defining the zoning based on the building functionality to maintaining the economy operation around the seasons by controlling the chilled water flow and dampers.