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About Us

Our Mission

TWINKLE TECH is proud to be distinguished as an organization that provides quality and Professional Engineering Consultancy Services

Mission to provide engineering and logistic services, covering  design  and supervision in the areas of:

  •  Architectural Design
  •  Civil and Structural Engineering
  •  Electromechanical Engineering
  •  HVAC/R
  •  Master Planning
  •  Urban Design
  • Oil & Gas Equipments and Systems


We provide

Prefessional services in various engineering fields with new technologies and cost effecint.

About US

TWINKLE TECH is a multi-disciplinary, client- oriented engineering consultancy and contractor firm with offices in Michigan, USA, and Iraq Baghdad & E r b i l .

Multitude of projects in Iraqi regions, we rely on our team of highly qualified and experienced architects, electromechanical and low current applications.
The company registered as Mawred LLc and DBA TWINKLE TECH since 2008 in Michigan.
Also, we can do Interior and landscape designers, planners and project managers to develop innovated effective design solutions for our clients.
we provide services in electromechanical engineering, HVAC, building facility services, project managements, petroleum and gas industery.

As engineering contractor and consultancy, we face the increasing challenges in creating developments that  are  acceptable  to  our  clients,  in  different  industries  at  large,  while  remaining  economically affordable and environmentally sustainable without compromising on quality, style, and elegance. TWINKLE TECH objective is to create facilities and developments that serve their Purpose on a holistic level while simultaneously attempting to meet the needs of individual occupants. As such, our design and management are attempting to create its own philosophies that revolve around viewing a project’s functionality from various perspectives and  in   a  social   context   to  allow   us  to  evaluate,   define, design, install  and  manage  clear achievable goals.

Talking about architecture and civil, In  a  time  when  many  societies  are  gearing  towards  the  future yet   struggle   to preserve the traditions of the past, we believe the role of architecture can clearly exemplify this  notion  by  being  traditional  and  innovative;  simple  yet  sophisticated;  structured  yet dynamic. It is this principle that we apply to all our work, when we plan, when we design, when we imagine gas equipments, electrical power and communication system.