Basic Services We Can provide

Design, Supplying, Installation and Operation:

Control syatems and Power distribution Panels  Assembly & Testing:
We have at  experienced staff fully equipped to design, build and test the control Systems including variable frequency drive for motor speed control. All control panels are rigorously tested before release.





Pumps, fitting and Selection:
Through our affiliates and consultants we can provide complete pumping solutions for a variety of industries, we specialize in Slurry, vertical centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps, we can also provide high pressure pumps, combination of electric motors and diesel driven pump sets, including booster packages, fire fighting packages, transfer and chiller pumps .




Power Generation:

We can supply a large variants of generators and motors,  design and built temporary power stations, for both diesel and heavy fuel oils Gensets , electrical motors in both DC/AC for industrial applications can be provided.

Replacement parts , evaluation and maintenance are available.







Cooling and air-conditioning works:

Design, supplying, maintaining and installing wide range of cooling  and air conditioning units ,freezing rooms and cold stores, and also implementing works of installing ventilation ducts, exhaust fans and its accessories.

We have high experience in central chiller systems, boilers for medical and industrial applications with control systems from well known brands and manufacturers.

We can supply, design maintenance different type of cooling towers from USA and Italy.


Water Treatment Systems:

Design, specifying materials, supplying disinfected water systems with its extinctions. We have exclusive representation and distribution of  Spanish manufacturer  QUILTON   for their water and wastewater treatment  products. We can supply wide range of water treatment products for industrial and  commercial applications.

Design and engineering are included.




Waste Water Treatment:

sewage water treatment for industrial application and oil separating techniques.

For environmental protection, we can provide consultancy studies, proposals and offering  suitable systems and solutions.

We can design and supply a proper systems for wastewater treatment coming from the industrial factories and heath centers.



Software, Hardware & IT Services:

We specialized in design and providing a complete turnkey system for the network environment, CAD application and GIS  for different industries with focus on health, transportation & education systems under US technology.



Solar Cells and Clean Energy:

Wide technology used in saving energy in daily and local using application , that will meet  the requirement of recent situation of green energy, we have specialists can implement it  from principles to operation in application of agriculture and drinking water.


Steel  Structure and Civil Works:

Which includes design, construction, maintenance and remolding of buildings that includes supplying all finishing and supporting accessories from Electrical, Mechanical, Fire, & Security systems, and also removing the long-standing style (Structure steel, Sandwich panel, Asbestos top floor) . We are experts in concrete works and construction of building facilities that we have vast acknowledgment in concrete additives and low cost building complex.




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